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Same Time Saturday

Sometimes they had nice leisurely Saturdays. Wake up late, fix coffee, shower. Sometimes, when they were in no hurry to put on clothes, they'd have what they liked to call "sexy time." Sometimes it meant fast and hard sex, releasing the pent up needs, and sometimes it meant sitting back, relaxing, and watching each other. 

She sat back and opened her robe and her legs. This made him start to grow hard. Seeing his body respond, her body started to get wet. She began to touch herself. Seeing her touch herself, made him even harder. This made her start to rub her clit, which in turn, made him grab his cock and start to stroke. She loved watching him, and knew that she'd enjoy bringing herself to orgasm as she watched.

Motel Sex

Looks like they were too busy to get into it that they forgot to hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the outside of the door.

J'aime, Paris

They planned their romantic vacation to Paris in Spring. In the hotel, she read up on all the sites they could see. He grabbed the camera and documented a sight he was seeing in a new light.

Wife on Vacation

A beautiful wife in a very beautiful location.

At The Dinner Party

While the other guests socialized in the parlor, they had a quick exchange on the stair landing.

That Year

When they lived on the Island, they were broke as a joke. They hitch hiked to get around. Nude helped get rides. People just pulled up and laughed. Get in, they'd say, and shake their heads. 

Marge Monday: How to Watch the Simpsons

Every Monday we have a tribute to sexy Marge Simpson of the Simpson's. Here's a wonderful reader submission.

Zen Bath

For his birthday, she took him to a Zen bathhouse. They could rent it by the hour. There was an outdoor shower and soaking pool and a Zen garden. She wanted to help him relax.

Office Break

Sometimes its important to take a little break in the workday.

Wedding Whoops

The wedding photographer they hired had a great idea: what if the bride fell back into the arms of the Groomsmen and they snapped a picture right at the moment they caught her?

In theory, it was a creative idea that would make a fun image--much more interesting than the wedding party all standing in a row. So typical. So boring.

The bride was up for the challenge.

What no one counted on was if her wedding dress could withstand the fall.

Apparently, the strapless wedding gown, designed only to walk down an asile and not stage dive, slid down, exposing her breasts right at the moment the groomsmen caught her, and the camera clicked. 


At least. The cameraman was right. It made for a memorable wedding photo.

The Taste

Smokey and the Bandit

Guy in the back looks like the Bandit. You know, from Smokey and the Bandit. Pretty funny.

The Morning Helping Hand

So so sexy. What a great way to wake up.

Click on animated gif

DVD night

Guess what she picked out to do tonight?

How she likes to play

Spread and Fed

College Learning

College is such a great place to learn new things.

The Moment of Anticipation

Hustler Reader

She hates the fake books and airbrushed skin of the images in the other magazines. Give her the real, raw thing. And her toy. Some say women like the softcore, the subtle porn. All about feelings. She likes the feeling of her favorite toy vibrating her and pushing in as she looks at hardcore, nasty images. She doesn't like it timid or pretty. It's about sex. Carnal sex. And she says bring it on.

Women who get off on hardcore porn are hot!

Marge Monday: Bound and Gagged

To most people in Springfield, Marge is an uptight nag. She always seems to have something to say at town meetings, and she once organized the mothers of Springfield to protest Itchy and Scratchy and successfully got the show to remove all cartoon violence. Ironically, in private, she's not at all opposed to a little creative role playing, a little BDSM. The Marge that goes to church each sunday is nothing like who she is in the privacy of her own bedroom.  Mrs. Lovejoy has no idea...

The Pond

The pond was usually secluded, a perfect place to skinny dip. Especially on a hot summer day. Occasionally, a biker would pass. They'd rarely glance over and  notice. 

Once the girls were in the water, no one would know that they were skinny dipping. Getting in and getting out, those were the times they could get caught. But it was worth it.

Caught up in the moment

Be Pretty

You don't have to shave to be pretty. 

Hot Couple

I used to have the whole series of this couple. It showed them smiling outside their suburban house, a good looking professional couple. Lots of candids of her dressing, and then them beginning foreplay, and then... leading to this. Very hot. 

I came across this photo, but don't know where the others are... If anyone knows where we can see the whole set, please post in the comments. Until then, enjoy the hot 69 of husband and wife.


Playing with handcuffs at home is so much fun.

70s Hotties

Growing up, this is who I wanted to babysit me. 

Nude Yoga Pose

Extra points for naming this pose...

Purple Meadow Majesty

Pretty Hair

Flash her..

At night in her room. In college she rented a room; her desk and bed were just feet apart. We were hanging out, being silly, and drinking a little wine. She was dressed for bed: boxers and a tank top. I dared her to flash me. Rather than flashing her breasts, as I expected, she gave me a surprise. 

Marge Monday: Kwiki reading

What a fun image, complete with such great details as Hurricane Chow, and a gold record on the wall, no doubt from Apu's time in the Be Sharps.

Marge comes into the Kwiki Mart nearly every day. With Homer and three kids, it seems there is always something to pick up. A lot of times she'll pause at the magazine rack. Apu always hates it when people flip through the magazines. "One more page and it's a purchase," he'll say.

But sometimes Marge isn't just interested in the gossip magazines. Her eyes always dart to the last row of magazines, tucked behind the others. That's where Play Dude is, and the more Hard Core ones. When no one else is around, she loves to sneak a peak at one.

This month had a centerfold pictorial of a women with two guys. Marge liked that. When Apu told her "One more page and its a purchase," she plopped it down on the counter and said, ring it up. She'd take it home for more reading.

First Push

My very very favorite moment of having sex is not the release of orgasm, but that first push. The tip of penetration, and the anticipation of what's to come.

Shower Fast

In the mornings, we don't have a lot of time. The hot water doesn't last that long, and we've each got to get to work. That means we have to be fast for any hanky-panky. Usually, she likes slower, more relaxed sex in the evenings. She's not a morning person--especially not before coffee. Me, I'm hard as a rock, and ready for release. She gets down on her knees. She sucks me fast and hard, and then, when she feels me about to erupt, she beats me off, until I splash onto her chest. 

She says she loves to get dirty to get clean.

Sex Ed

I wish we had Sex Ed like this in school.

Nude Flower: O'Keffee

Anyone who has ever picked up a book on art (or calendar, poster, or tote bag) has seen one of Georgia O'Keffe's paintings. From the moment her work rocked the Modern Art scene nearly 100 years ago, she has remained one of the most iconic artists of all time. "Her lush yet spare paintings of the New Mexico desert, often featuring bleached skulls and parched, scrubby trees, remain some of the most famous of the 20th century," wrote Kathryn Hughes in the Telegraph.

Those familiar with the history of Modern Art, often trace it back to Alfred Steglitz, art entrepreneur and self-appointed leader of the American avant-garde. Steglitz was famous not only for launching the careers of Modern painters, including O'Keefe, but he was also a celebrated photographer. He was the guru of the post-WWI search for a new, Modern sensibility. The young, aspiring photographers who came to him for advise, portfolio reviews, and general inspiration, would themselves become icons: Ansel Adams, Edward Weston, Paul Strand.

In 1918, Steglitz was a married man, but he'd taken Georgia O'Keffee under his wing. He not only represented her paintings, he provided O'Keeffe with an income, found her a flat and started taking photographs of her. Shocking then, and perhaps just as shocking now: they offer an intimate, up-close look at the hands, breasts, and pubic hair of the young O'Keeffe.

The pictures, if not in the sepia tones of a century ago, could be like any candid snapshots of a lover today. They clearly evoke the direct gaze of a lover's eyes on a lover's body. Not breasts for the sake of beauty, but breasts that call out to be caressed, kissed. A triangle of curls that provokes thoughts of parting the soft thighs, and opening the closed legs to allow the viewer's eyes, and maybe hands, to explore deeper. 

However, According to Georgia O'Keeffe and the Camera: The Art of Identity, by Susan Danly, the images are not as spontaneous as they appear. In the book, O'Keeffe reveals that Stieglitz made her pose for hours until he got the shot he wanted, regardless of her urge to scratch or blink.

Perhaps this is not as shocking, given the masterful craftsman/salesman of Stieglitz, artist and entrepreneur--one of the first, and maybe even greatest, ad men. Creating not just just an image, but a brand. It was, perhaps, the very origins of celebrity that is so common today. 

Clearly both Stieglitz and O'Keeffe were creative geniuses, masters of controlling images and manipulating percpetion. And yet still, despite the calculations that no doubt went on, I have to think that ultimately they were, back in 1918, two humans, of the flesh, who weren't immune to the lust and passion of any other lovers. And that maybe, in these images really are true and pure sexual attraction.

I mean really, Georgia had a pretty smokin body, and some really rocking boobs.

Wet and Ready

The foreplay is over. You ask her how how she wants it. 

She says, "Like this."

Vacation Time!

The hotel was simple, but it'd do just fine. It had white walls, tile floor, a bed and bathroom. Everything they needed. And it was only a short walk to the pool and the beach.

She'd unpacked and had already spent time soaking up sun in her bikini.

Back at the hotel, she was ready to get out of her bikini and enjoy a little private vacation time.


Ready for sloppy seconds.

Little Game

Just a little game she liked to play.

Marge Monday: Slap Happy

It's not well known, but even Marge likes a little spanking now and then.

Click on animated gif

Little drops

I love it when I catch a glimpse of little drops of sweat under her arms. It's so sexy. I can't help but think of the soft brown curls between her legs. Even though she's fully dressed, it's like she's flashing. A small glimpse of her feminine sexuality. 


I asked Jen what her first experience was with porn. She responded: the first time she saw it or the first time she got into it?

She said that the first time she'd seen porn, she was younger and it didn't really do anything for her. In fact, it kind of grossed her out. But later, in college, she'd do all sorts of random jobs to earn money, like housesitting. There was a couple that she'd grown up near. They were probably in their early 40s, and when Jen was younger, she used to babysit for them. Now, their daughter was too old for a baby sitter, but when the family all went to Hawaii for the Christmas break, they asked Jen if she'd watch the house. Jen was all to happy to accept the offer.

Of course, one of the first things she did was snoop. It wasn't long before she found the hidden stash of porn. All alone with nothing else to do, she watched. And she discovered for the first time, it really turned her on.

Happy Endings

Everyone loves a story with a happy ending!

Be Free!

Well, if you want to sing out, sing out
And if you want to be free, be free
'Cause there's a million things to be
You know that there are

Back Then, In Her First Apartment

Back then, when Robyn first moved out of her parent's house and had her first apartment. It had woodfloors and a cast-iron radiator that always made the room too hot and made pings and gurgles in the night. She had a shabby vintage dresser for her clothes, a small closet and no other furniture. The mattress was on the floor. But she loved being independent, on her own. An adult for the first time.

I loved coming to visit her. Staying over with no curfew. Sleeping with her on her mattress. I loved snapping photos of her, dressed, undressed. Just before sex, or just after. Back then, it was all new.

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