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Softly Combing her Curls

Taken with her iphone, nit the best quality, but certainly it's the thought that counts.

Surfs Up!

One thing this blog doesn't have enough of: naked surfing.
Here's a small step toward remedying that.

Old School Sex

If you ever wondered if folks 100 years ago had hot, dirty, hardcore porn-style sex. The answer is yes.  Yes indeed.

Which One

They had a game they liked to play where she'd be blindfolded and see if she could tell which one was which.

Surf Nude!

Sweet Honey

Marge Monday: Sexy Skinny Dip

Homer and Marge love to sneak off and go skinny dipping. It always puts them in a romantic mood, reminding them of the first time they visited Springfield Forest.

Art Nude

Simple, timeless.


Flattering Dress

Her Toy

I was shocked when my college girlfriend revealed that she not only was the owner of an adult toy, but that it was a 10" long, 4" around flesh-colored rubber dildo, with textured balls.

It had a suction-cup base, which I assumed she stuck to flat surfaces. I asked if I could watch her use it. She refused but had fun teasing me. I couldn't help but think she fucked herself silly with that thing.

The Voyeur Club

I have no idea what's going on here, but it's pretty funny.

Outdoor Play

Having an outdoor quickie, just out of sight in the park is a real thrill.

Popular Girl

She had many well-wishers after her accident.

Checking Herself Out

I would.

Road Trip to Remember

It was 1998. Jennifer was a student at University of Montana. She had had a couple boyfriends but was exploring her sexuality with her first girlfriend, Sarah. 

Sarah was from Eugene, Oregon. She was going back to Oregon for spring break and invited Jennifer to come along. Sarah had her parents' Voyager minivan, which made for a good roadtrip car. 

They drove most of a day before reaching the open prairie of Eastern Oregon. Needing a break, they decided to trow out a blanket and have a little nap. It was still spring, and not hot. The fields were still stubble from winter, and the trees weren't even green, but on this day the sky was mostly blue, and the air felt warm and energizing on their skin. Being cooped up in the snow and rain and grey of Missoula winter made them want to strip down. They thought it'd be fun and daring to take a nude sun bath. 

In turn, being naked on the blanket lead to an even more thrilling open-air adventure.

Crush of the Day

My crush of the day.  Sigh. So in love.

Marge Monday: Marge on the Yacht

Once Marge and Homer were able to escape on a romantic yacht vacation. It didn't end so well, when a castaway from a shipwreck interrupted their private time together. But before that, they enjoyed being far out in the middle of the ocean, with only the sea and sun. Marge started in her bikini, but was soon stripping it off, letting Homer take some sexy vacation photos. Posing for Homer really turned Marge on, and she gave him an extra private show. 

What next?

At first she thought it was kind of funny to have you tie her up. She laughed as she asked what you wanted to do to her. Then when you pulled it out, she had a sudden look of concern of what was about to happen next.

Heading to Portland Naked Bike Ride!

Grab your bike, and come along. It's time to head to Portland Naked Bike Ride. 

The biggest in the world!

PDX World Naked Bike Ride

TOMORROW: Portland Naked Bike Ride. June 16. Starts at sundown.

Grab your bike, grab your friend(s). It's time once again for the largest naked bike ride in the WORLD--the famous Portland World Naked Bike Ride!

The motto is "bare as you dare." And it's more fun and exhilaration than you can possibly imagine.


If this is not your annual summer tradition, I highly recommend it. There are few things more old-fashioned, and all-time classic fun than a rope swing, a swimming hole, and skinny dipping.


Sexy Pants

Beach, Topless

I love being on the beach topless.

Soaking in her bathtub

her favorite way to relax after a hard day.

Hurray---it's WNBR time again!

In anticipation of the World Naked Bike Ride, here are some lovely ladies with their adorned bikes. Inspiring! So look up when your city is celebrating WNBR. 

If your town doesn't have one scheduled, start your one. Maybe that's exactly what these three did!

Redhead at Home

Not nude, but her tanktop reveals a lot.

Congratulations Grads

It's that time of year when a new batch of youth are turned out into the world. Congratulations on all the hard work, grads! 

Dedicated to the smart and sexy.

Swimming in Public Pool

Even though she was wearing a swimsuit in the public pool, each time I caught a glimpse of her under arm hair, I felt like she was giving me a private flash.

Marge Monday: Naked Bike Ride

In honor of the Portland Naked Bike Ride coming up June 16th, we present this fantastic image of Homer and Marge embracing a naked bike ride of their own. Springfield. 

The motto for the World Naked Bike Ride is "bare as you dare," and Homer and Marge are a great inspiration. So everyone who has a WNBR in your community, go out and participate! If you don't have one in your community, start organizing. 

A naked bike ride is truly one of the most thrilling and invigorating things you can do.

Open Bra

Arty and erotic at same time.

Nettie and Her Trailer

It's been too long since we posted a photo of the lovely Nettie Harris. And we're sorry. 

So for all the Nettie fans...

After a few drinks

After a few drinks, they really got to know each other.

Summer Love

My new summer crush.

Green Eyes

I don't know what's cuter: her green eyes, her smirk, or her glasses. Maybe it's all of the above.

Rode Hard and Put Away Wet

Close and Cropped

Summer Dress

There are few things more sexy than summer dresses in summer. 

Maybe summer dresses in summer without any underwear.

In a NY state of mind

Marge Monday: Ned and Edna at it again

When Edna hooked up with Ned, things got a lot more interesting at the Flanders' house. 

If anything had happened when Ned's wife Maude was alive, Marge Never knew. The curtains were always drawn and lights out at night. But now the curtains were open, it was broad daylight. Apparently Edna didn't care, and Ned was too preoccupied to notice.

Jump In!

GI Jeep

She Digs

Jim Morrison and cock rings.

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