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The Reward

PBR Hippies

PBR Hippies. Hanging out by a VW bus. Drinking a beer. One girl's got her shirt off. God Bless America.

Morning Time Alone

He'd already left for work. She was still hungry from last night.

Things to Notice

Things to notice: her dress, tossed to the corner of the bed. The bottle of lube on night stand, cap off. Drawer of night stand open, where she fetched her vibrator. Her blue vibrator, on the corner, still warm and wet. Her body, splayed out on the bed, relaxed from the recent orgasm, but, seeing you walk into room, ready to cum again. 

Marge Monday: Lock the door

Homer and Marge were so eager to jump into bed for "snuggles" that they forgot to lock the bedroom door. When Bart and Lisa bust in, they both jumped back and shouted, "don't come in, don't come in!"

Ah, caught in the act... Probably has happened to every parent at some point.


So, I actually don't know what's really supposed to be going on in this image. It's from the TV series Californification, staring David Duchovny and Robe Lowe. That's Summer Crosley straddling. I'd love to actually see this episode, and know what the storyline is. But in not knowing, that's nice, too. I can imagine my own characters and scenario. 

One: a guy watches his roommate and roommate's girlfriend making love, spying on them, in a voyeur fantasy. 

Two: A man comes home to find his wife riding his best friend? A stranger? 

Either way, there's a clear tension in this image. The dominance of the looker and the focus on the looked upon. The framing, lighting, is all evocative of a dramatic moment. 

You can invent your own.

Her look

I just love her look.

Relaxing and Reading

Weekends are so relaxing!

Survival Island

I just watched "Survival Island." I found myself laughing out loud often. Unfortunately, I don't think the 2006 offering from Showtime was ever meant as a comedy. Granted, no one actually expects much in the way of "plot" or "dialog" in a late-night made-for-tv romance-thriller. The only reason anyone watches such shlock with any intent, is to see a glimpse of boobies. That's right: boobies.

Unfortunately, "Survival Island"also disappoints on this front, too. There is one single moment. This isn't a spoiler...this is my favor to you, saving you 1 hour and 35 of your perfectly good minutes.

So here it is, the one, the only truly fantastic, pause the remote moment in the film.

You're welcome.

Kelly Brook in Survival Island (2006)

PS--If you insist on watching Survival Island (don't say that you weren't warned), gather up your friends and all the liquor in your house. Then play a drinking game where you drink every time there's a continuity error. And there are plenty.

High School Girlfriend and Best Friend

Growing up in the suburbs in middle America in the late 60s, early 70s, we rebelled in small ways. Like going naked in the backyard. It was harmless, but felt like breaking all the rules. She was the girl next door, and her best friend, the girl next door to the girl next door. It was all sweet and innocent.

Summer at Sauvie's Island

Tripod and self timer

She had a tripod and a camera with a self timer. Add a mirror and stand in the natural light of the window, and she was ready.

Couple's self snap

What a great self-snap this couple took while enjoying oral sex and toys. I wonder if she fantasies about a threesome with two guys? My guess is yes, absolutely. 


What are you thankful for?

Tribute to outdoor peeks

Here are three fantastic images of outdoor peeks. Enjoy!

Back then

Back then, they had a friend they liked spending time with. Special times.


Marge Monday: Bailing out Homer

Homer is always getting himself into debt and trouble. He drinks at Moe's every day, sometimes twice a day, and racks up quite a bar tab. He's also gotten arrested so many times for DUI and other public misdemeanors that's he's regularly in and out of the Springfield jail. Sometimes the Simpson's just don't have the extra money to bail out Homer and Marge must use her other assets.

Once, Homer got in big trouble with Fat Tony, but Marge was able to change their mind.

She often turns to Artie, a self-made millionaire, who has had a raging crush on her since high school. And of course Moe, the tavern owner, who also carries a torch for Marge. 

Did you ever wonder why both men are so overwhelmingly smitten with her, even though she's married with three children? Most guys would move on, but Marge gives Artie and Moe something that keeps them coming back for more.  
Some might think she's doing it only for Homer, but secretly, she doesn't mind. She likes being the focus of men's sexual desires. She likes her body, and showing it off. And she really likes sex. 


Looks like a fun day to flash.

Sharing is caring

Two women sharing a toy: very very sexy.

After Church

Warmer Thoughts

Now that it's cold just about everywhere in the northern hemisphere, we thought we'd send a warming memory of the nude beach. 

She was lying on her back, soaking up sun, she'd gone topless, and had undone the strings on her bikini bottoms. She decided to snap a photo, so she could remember this beautiful day. Sun, surf, smiles. The simple things that make life a thrill.


Husband inspects the load left in his wife by a stranger as she sucks off another guy.


They were staying over as guests and would be sleeping on the couch that folded out into a bed. Their host gave them some clean sheet to use. She started to make the bed, and he took a photo, knowing they'd have exciting travel sex in their new bed.

Outdoor Cuties Retro

Some real cuties from back in the day, outdoors, enjoying the sun, smiling for the camera. Would love to go camping with these two.

Passed Out After Party

It was a prety hard night of drinking, and she crashed on the couch. When we came in to check on her, we realized she hadn't been wearing underwear. 

Sultry and satisfied

She has just been fucked really really good. That exhausting, multi-hour marathon sessions of sex in every position, every angle, every speed, every orifice, ending with him cumming on her face. He got up to go to the bathroom, and she still lay in bed, satisfied and feeling sultry. She reached for the camera and held it arm's length, above her to document the moment.

Puss in Boots

Lingerie and leather boots. A winning combination.

Much to her surprise

They were at a party, all drinking and having fun, and talk turned to sex, which turned to "have you ever...." And when Allie said that she'd never had a girl go down on her, Mackenzie said "here's your chance," and Allie just laughed and said, "sure," thinking it was all a joke, and that she was drunk and just bluffing. But the next think she knew, Mackenzie had her head between Allie's legs, pushing up her skirt and pulling aside her panties. Still, in the split-second this was happening, Allie's brain was saying: "this is not happening."

Her whole body jumped when she felt, for the very first time, the soft, wet, tip of another girl's tongue on her clitoris. The tongue flicked up and down, as fingertips parted her folds. Allie gasped. She was shocked that she was suddenly being licked by another girl. She never would have thought something like this would happen, and never, in a million years, that it'd happen at a party, as others watched. She was so shocked that she couldn't even say a word or move a muscle. She just sat, legs parted, as Mackenzie gave her oral sex. 

To her greatest surprise, she suddenly found herself unable to control her body. The gentle sensation of Mackenzie's tongue on her clitoris was too much. She started to orgasm right there. 


Swinging at night at local playground. Flashing. Fun.

Skin diving

Skin diving is and older term for scuba diving. A good term indeed.

Marge Monday: Feeling Frisky

In the morning, getting ready, Marge goes to the bathroom mirror, where she is joined by Homer for a surprise.

Click on animated gif

Suit on or off?

I'm not sure if she's trying to take her swim suit on or off or just readjusting.... it's pretty sexy whatever it is she's doing!

Favorite Position

This has got to be my favorite position. At least, right now.


How lovely and so inviting. I want to run my tongue up her folds and nibble on that beautiful clitoris.

So Sweet

I'd seen one or two of these shots before, but when I finally gathered the series, just had to post. First, because she is so sweet and pretty. But also, as readers know, we love images that tell stories. 

You can see she's taking self-snaps. Some hand-held, and some with a self-timer. She's got a mirror on the wall, and a desk and bed. There's a dresser in the closet, which usually means living in a studio apartment or a dorm room. So, she's probably in college. Maybe bored or needs a study break. Is she making these pictures for her own amusement, or going to email them to someone?

Either way, sexy!

Blonde Girlfriend

There's something very sweet and sexy about her blonde hair cascading down between her lovely breasts. 

Bottoms up!

When she goes to bed wearing only white stockings and presents her backside to be taken, I know exactly what she wants.


Sarah and Steve, newlyweds, discover that they are nudists at heart. Aren't they just adorable? They look so happy and in love.


She got her birthday wish, and she loved it.

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