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Hidden Treasure

Beneath her soft blonde curls is a hidden treasure.

How She Likes It

This is exactly how she likes it best.

Orange Sleeping Bag

A summer tan. A warm summer day, humming with insects, smelling of grass and trees. An orange sleeping bag, unzipped. Making love outdoors, slow, unhurried, all afternoon. Was it that moment between years at college? A fleeting summer romance? A high school girlfriend reunited? That one amazing camping trip?

Nostalgia is not a lie, if it really happened. And this moment, really happened just as lovely, just as perfect.

Soft Morning

I love her in the morning, before her shower. She wears just a tank top to bed, and when she lifts her arms, they glisten with a trace of sweat. She smells natural and I can't help but kiss her under her arms, and then her breasts through the fabric of her shirt, and then pulling the fabric aside on her hardening nipples. With my mouth nibbling and sucking, she is now wet and squirming and ready to make love. 

Then, and only afterwards, we are ready for our shower.

Nudity and Christianity

Awesome image. I think the author would be proud. 

I have not read this myself, yet. But it looks like a good read (naked). 

The Best Way To Start Your Day

French Press coffee, and one or more of your favorite toys. An essential part of a well-balanced breakfast.

New York Nude

I heart NY.

Returning From Vacation

Returning form vacation, she'd obviously had a great time: She had a deep tan, new beads, and was still slurping down the fruity mixed drinks. She'd been buzzed for a week.

She'd also gotten used to wearing nearly nothing, and rarely underwear. She and her husband had been having sex everyday, sometimes three times a day. She was always turned on. 

So it was no surprise, she flashed him on the plane. One last memory before they returned home, back to jobs, routines, and rules.

Marge Monday: Ruth Powers

After Ruth moved in next door, she and Marge became fast friends. One evening, they went to a ballet after Homer, who was originally supposed to go with Marge, literally got stuck at work (with his arms in two vending machines). Later they had a girls' night out where they went line dancing at a country bar called Shotkickers, did some target shooting (using a farmer's antique cans as targets), and went up to the Springfield sign overlooking the city. Their friendship is most remembered for their wild escapade, when Ruth and Marge, went on a high-speed escape from the law, a la Thelma and Louise.

It might have seemed out of character that the often overly-worried Marge would risk her life to be with Ruth during their run from the law, but most folks don't realize that the two women shared more than a few innocent nights on the town. 

Ruth, a divorced single mother, has an ex-husband who did nothing but "eat, sleep, and drink beer" and never gave her money for child support. Marge could related to her, as Homer often neglected her sexual needs over his love of eating, drinking, and taking naps. As much as Marge loved "special snuggles" with Homer, she had been feeling very sexually isolated in her marriage for years. When she first discovered her bisexuality thanks to the instruction of Bart's teacher, Ms. Krabapple, Marge was open and willing to explore a woman-to-woman relatinship with the beautiful (and thrillingly dangerous) Ruth Powers.

After the two women sent their kids off on the school bus to Springfield Elementary, they adjourned to the bedroom. Ruth locked the door, and Marge smiled, knowing how they'd spend the rest of their morning.

Her New Nipple Ring

One summer Jennifer came to visit me in Wyoming. There wasn't a lot to do after I showed her the cabin I was living in, and the local town of about 600 residents. So we went to the river. 

The river had been backed up by a dam, making it deep and wide, and still. There was a boat dock and you rent these aluminum "party barges." They had three of these barges, I it seemed only one at teh most was ever rented out. Since I was a local that summer, the owner of the marina, Doris, let me take one of the barges out all day for the price of an hour rental.

Jennifer had changed into her bikini, and instantly I checked her out. She'd gained maybe a pound or two from college, but was still beautifully shaped. A natural hour-glass figure that looked amazing in a bikini. I immediately noticed the outline of something on her left nipple. It was new, and it took me a second to realize what it was. 

All day my eyes kept returning to her breasts. I could see the outline of the nipple ring though the white fabric. I had been intimate with every inch of her in college, but this was new. It was as if seeing her body for the very first time. 

I couldn't help it anymore. I reached over and pulled her suit aside. She was shocked. But smiled. We had that old familiarity of former lovers. We broke up after college, just because we had our lives to go chase. It was never a bad falling out, and soon the romance we once shared was back. 

I was glad to see her again. And the rest of her visit was spent getting to know each other's bodies again.

Shared Wife, Wife Shares

Wife Beach Dare

They were enjoying the beach, which they had almost to themselves. Every hour or so, they'd see another couple walking along the beach. But for the most part, the beach was empty and they had it to themselves. 

They had their camera, of course, to document their vacation. He had been getting turned on, seeing his wife in her bikini. There's something about vacations, beaches, and wearing next to nothing that really makes people's libidos respond. He wanted to take a sexy photo of her.

He kept asking her, but she was being shy. She didn't want to get caught. It wasn't a nude beach. But eventually, when it seemed like the coast was clear, she slipped out of her suit and sat on  a rock. He started taking photos, and asked her to open her legs. She obliged, but turned her head to keep look out. Far in the distance, another vacationing couple approached.

That put an end to their photo session, but at least he got this last image of her, totally naked by the sea, open and exposed to his camera.

Standing Over Her

An artistic, but also silly and personally intimate moment. She is wearing matching panties and stockings; he stands over her naked, wearing socks.

Nettie Looks at Art

An artistic image of an artistic model looking at art. Very meta. Very lovely.

Nettie Harris

Sexy Summer Dress

Summer dresses--a sexy part of summer.

Marge Monday: And Mindy

Simpsons fans may recall Homer's temptation when a sexy redhead became his new co-worker. To Homer's amazement, she liked cheeseburgers, a quick nap before lunch, foot-long chili dogs, whipped cream straight from the can, raspberry swirl doughnuts with a double glaze, drinking duff beer, and watching TV in bed. He tried desperately to avoid her at work, but when they went to Capitol City to represent Springfield Nuclear Power Plant at the National Energy Convention, Mindy almost seduced Homer into cheating on Marge. 

Homer was desperately tempted, but, a romantic at heart, and completely devoted to Marge, he stayed off his lustful urges. Mindy, unfulfilled, however, wasn't going to stop there. She turned her flirting to Marge. 

Marge loves Homer plenty, but in their relationship, she's the one who often has offers and options. Homer is lucky to have Marge; he married up. Most people, especially Marge's family, thinks she married down. Perhaps some of this has subtly encouraged her to look beyond their marriage sexually. Homer is loving, but simple. He loves the familiar and the routine. Marge is far more intellectual, and wanting to expand her boundaries. Homer gains new experiences by accident; Marge seeks them out.

So it's no surprise, that just as Homer ended up sending Mindy out of his bed, she made her way into Marge's. Things were fine, until Homer came home from work early, and drunk, and caught them. Marge just about freaked out, because although she'd strayed a few times, she'd never been caught. The absolute last thing she wanted was to hurt her Homie. 

Marge was about to leap out of bed and try to explain, but Homer was so loaded, he just mumbled something incoherent like "hi pretty ladies," swerved, and then stumbled downstairs, where he passed out on the couch. If he actually registered what was going on, he never let on. When Homer drinks, large amounts of time are just fuzzy blackouts. Marge got lucky.

Pink Tank Top Offers Peek

Perhaps one of the very best parts of summer: women wearing tanktops with spaghetti straps, no bra. The potential for a nip slip always promising. And when it happens, always wonderful.

In the Sauna

They were just sitting in the sauna as usual. But she couldn't resist. And they weren't about to say no.

Those Swingin' 70s

Nice Vacation

It was a lovely vacation. Just what they needed to rekindle the romance.

Surf Nude!

Same Room Sexy

They were traveling for work and thought it'd be fun to place a craigslist ad for another couple to join them. They were new at this, and suggested same room in their hotel room. 

They were nervous at first, when they me the other couple at the hotel bar. But after a few cocktails, and comfortable conversation, they headed up to their floor. 

The king size bed seemed vast for one couple, but just right for two.

After the Beach

Fresh Air

If you had boobs as lovely as these, you'd want to show them off in the fresh mountain air, too. 

It looks like she often wears bikini top, or t-shirt without bra. I bet a lot of people see the shape of her nipple piercings. I bet that drives them crazy. 

Don't you just want to play with them in your mouth? Swirl your tongue over them, nibble and gently tug? I bet that drives her crazy.

Thank you, London

Thank you London for a lovely Olympics. I will take many cherished memories.

Flattering Dress

It was a very flattering dress, accentuating all of her feminine charms.

Golden Hike

River and Nettie

One bad ass image.

Marge Monday: Coitus Interruptus

How often has this happened? The kids, Bart and Lisa, bursting into their parents' room, only to catch them in the act. It happens at least once a week, it seems. The kids think it's pretty funny, especially since it irritates Marge so much. Homer, well, he's sort of apathetic. As usual.

Amy at the Sand Dunes

Paradise Found

Study Break

Crazy Campfire

This may be the craziest campfire/picnic I have ever seen. 

Two beautiful women, and two very lucky guys. They obviously know how to live life fully.

Camp Cook Nude

Camping nude is one of the most fun things you can do in summer. It's really getting back to nature.

Rocky Mountain High

Her First Taste

Her first taste of another woman.

Surfin Nude!

Bikini Flash

Summer is a great time for bikinis; bikinis are a great thing for flashing.

Outdoor reveal

The Reach Around

I love to sit behind a guy, and grind my wet pussy against his back, while I reach around…rub my hands up and down his chest, stroke his cock, stick my fingers in his mouth, whisper in his ear how badly I want him inside me, how badly I want to taste him, massage his balls, kiss the back of his neck.

reblogged from Filthywetslut.

Another Nettie

Has it been too long since the last Nettie Harris post, my dear readers? 
I am sorry for that. This should make up for it.

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