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Bound To Be Taken

Love this photo: the red couch, the black dress and stockings, the pale white skin. The color design alone is artistically excellent. Even better: the perfect focus on three things: the bound hands, the wedding ring, the exposed pussy lips. 

This picture implies a story. What lead up to this moment, and what is about to happen next. 

Freaks and Geeks

Who doesn't love a little dress up play? 

We'll admit, we're pretty nerdy and have a passion for all things of imagination and history. If you dig back in the archives, you'll find some great dress up shot sure to be popular with the nerd herd. We had a trekkie flasher, a woman in medieval armor, and now this...

we're not really even sure what her costume is. Pirate wench? 16th Century French peasant? Scottish lass? Gypsy? I'm not really sure how to categorize it, other than she's suer cute, dressed up for some roleplay, and it looks like it's about to get even more fun.

A NW Scene

Hanging out on the beach. A large driftwood tree. Her, naked. A perfect opportunity for a photo. We'd call this a perfect Pacific Northwest scene.

Marge Monday: Spicing up the Snuggles

Homer and Marge have always enjoyed healthy "snuggles," but after three kids and so many years of marriage, sometimes they need a little spice. Marge brings home a game for them to try. 

Workout dare

There was no one in the workout room, and she joked that she should just do her workout in the nude. He agreed, and the dare was on.

Yoga at home

Monkey Around

Camp Cook

Road Trip Game

My girlfriend's car is an automatic, but she used to drive a stick. Sometimes she says, she reaches for the shifter by instinct, or puts her foot down at a stop, as if she had a clutch. 

Sometimes we play a game, where she uses my erect body as her stick shift. Pretending to change gears as she drives. It's a great way to pass a long road trip.

Summer Island

Sweet memories of the lake she'd go to every summer. Back then there weren't many cabins on the lake. It was such a large lake that she could take the motor boat out and find a secluded spot. She had one island she loved to go to with a rock outcropping. There she could stretch out her beach towel and sun. She'd glance around and then strip off her bikini top. 

It wasn't long before she'd help herself relax, reaching down to feel herself. Sometimes she'd even be wet, already anticipating her afternoon ritual. Sometimes she'd go slowly and tease herself, and sometimes she'd go for a quick orgasm. Either way, she enjoyed getting herself off while lying on the sun-warmed rock, the smell of the lake in the air, and the lapping of the waves in her ears. The waves made a good rhythm to match. 

Afterwards, she'd be relaxed and drift off into a nice catnap in the sun. After an hour, she'd wake up, stretch, and sticky with sweat, jump into the water to rinse off and cool down. Then she'd dry off, put her top on, and climb back into the boat. The afternoon now cooling to a long summer dusk, she'd head back to the cabin, hungry for diner, and knowing she'd be back the next day. 

After a Trip to Home Depot

She already owned the heels and stockings. The sleeping mask she'd gotten on a plane trip. The two wooden dowels, and a few metal links they picked up at Home Depot.

Cost of mask: free
Cost of hardware: $3.67
Having your wife bound and ready for BDSM: Priceless

Take it from this couple, it doesn't take much more than imagination to have a hot sex life.

Gondola ride

If you've never gotten naked on a gondola, you are missing out on life. Seriously, try it.

Marge Monday: Late Night

Sometimes after the kids have gone to bed Marge watches late night TV. Nude.

Collecting Rocks

She didn't have a way to hold all the rocks in her hands, so she used her bikini top.

Girlfriend with Amazing Breasts

When I saw these photos, the first thing I thought was: wow, she has the most amazing boobs. I was so jealous. Then I thought about a story my old friend Jason once told me. 

Many year ago, when Jason and Christine were dating, Jason remembers one afternoon when one of Chirstine's friends was over. Some arty guy she'd met in college. He was always packing a big art pad and portfolio of his sketches. He was showing her some work from a life drawing class, and she was really fascinated by them. She said she had never done anything like that before and her friend suggested she pose. And so she did. 

Jason had not really been paying attention, watching a movie or something, and the next thing he knew, Christine was naked in their house, posing while her art friend drew her. Jason was instantly shocked, pretty jealous, a little hurt he'd been left out, but also really proud of her. He thought: that's the girl I'll marry someday. And that's the body I'll sleep with every night. 

And that's how it turned out. Jason and Christine dated for another couple years, then married, and then had a baby. And, as I guess all good stories end: lived happily ever after.

Nettie and Another

Very sexy shot of Nettie and another woman.

Youth is not always wasted on the young

I recall being a teenager and the first times we were able to drive off, and have some fun.

A scene from Napoleon Dynamite

If you know the scene, extra points.

Butt Floss

This is what they refer to as floss.

Second Act

He found her in her room, looking at porn on her laptop and masturbating. She was so embarrassed that she stopped and looked like she was about to cry. He had been so turned on seeing her in action that it never ocurred to him that she would be caught off guard.  "Don't cry," he said, and pulled her legs toward the end of the bed. He knelt in front of her and gently lowered his face to her still wet and aroused folds. As he began to lick, she soon relaxed. She'd been so close to orgasm, her nerves were already tingling. She was so close and his mouth was so warm. She exhaled deeply and let the orgasm begin.

Hotel Bed

What is it about hotel rooms that make you so turned on?

After the Taliban

Natural Nettie

Another beautiful photo of Nettie Harris. Brilliant.

Porn as pubic trendsetter? As indicator? Is bush making a comeback?

In April, 2011, the cover of Penthouse Magazine declared that "Bush is Back." The 23-year-old porn sensation Lexi Belle graced the cover. 

Lexi Belle and Sasha Grey, perhaps two of the biggest porn starlets today, may be early trendsetters. Although they are bona fide porn stars who perform in mainstream pornos, they don't have inflated silicone breasts, an array of tacky tattoos, and, perhaps most shocking to mainstream suburban America--they sometimes appear with pubic hair. Not just a little Hitler mustache on their mons pubis, but a full triangle of curls. 

Could mainstream porn be turning back to the time of natural breasts and unshaved pubes?

It is pretty universally agreed that shaved pubic hair has been the mainstay for more than a decade. In fact, pubic hair has been so banished that to find full bush on the internet is often categorized as a fetish. You don't have to search through very many comments on blogs to find a chorus of posts such as found on an article called "Sasha Grey and the truth about having a bush." Here's some comments for your reading pleasure:

SILVERBACK: Pubes down my throat are fucking nasty.

DRIFTBUS: My gf has recently started to grow pubic hair again. I hate it. Sex is just that slightly bit harder, it gets in the way, feels rubbish on my teeth, and smells different. Shave it all off.

Valientjedi: Gag. I’ll take shaved ANY day over a hairy one. The smell..the hair in your mouth.. ugh

Mountainman: Gak, all the stank and skank in the fur there. No thanks

These comments are hardly in the minority. I have come across dozens of similar posts, where men and women equate pubic hair with the most heinous foulness.

Whether you count yourself as a hair hater, or bush believer, I think that if history has shown us anything, it's that fashion is not linear, but rather cyclical. What goes around comes around, as they say.

If indeed this premiss is true, then the question becomes, how quickly or slow do these wheels of fashion turn? Is bush making a come back? Is shaving on the outs? The answer is a resounding maybe. 

I put forward that fashion and culture is both linear and cyclical. For example, if you made a timeline of women's clothing styles throughout history, you'd see a fairly linear progression, where one century is different than the one before or after it. For example, a 18th Century women of Colonial America doesn't look like an 19th Century woman of the Victorian Era, which doesn't look like a 20th Century woman. On the other hand, you can look at fashion within the past 100 years and see a revolving cycle. Take dress length, or hair length. Both very long at the turn of the Century. Then became short in the 1920s, then became long into the 1930s and early 40s, and then turned back toward short by the 50s and early 60s and then circled back to long in the late 60s/70s and then with the 80s, short hair and mini shirts were back... and so on. As you can see, every 25 years or so the cycle comes around. 

If that is true, then it makes sense that pubic hair is on its slow and eventual way back. I think it's pretty universally agreed that the trend of shaving pubic hair began with the wide-spread proliferation of internet porn in the late 90s. In her 2003 book, Erotic Home Videos, pornographic director Anna Span suggests that a relaxing of censorship laws in the mid 1990s allowed porn directors greater freedom in showing the inner labia, and therefore wanting to show everything as explicitly as possible, asked their starlets to shave it all to show it all.

There is certainly a lot of truth that the instant millions of Americans could dial up and log onto the World Wide Web and saw thousands of images of shaved labias, it made them turn to their partner and suggest they try it at home. Life imitates art as much as art imitates life. However, stepping back, there is a much larger and slower scale at work.

It is not just a trend that started overnight. It has to do with the movement of porn into the average American middle class home, shifts in technology and availability of porn, the sexual revolution of the 60s/70s, and America's competitive Capitalist market. 

It didn't start with Playboy, but that is such a clear starting point. There had been nudy mags before Playboy, but they were sold under the magazine stands, and in seedy shops on times square, and technically, couldn't be shipped via US Mail as per the Comstock Law (with the exception of Nudist magazines that could sidestep that law). What was so damn genius about Hugh Hefner's first Playboys was that he made the Nudie magazine mainstream. He put the most popular movie star of the time on the first cover, Maralyn Monroe, he published writing from writers like Jack Kerouac and Ian Flemming, and the pin ups were posed so delicately, that they were hardly more pornographic than the Vargas pinups the GIs painted on the noses of their WWII bombers. 

Sales for Playboy were good. Very good. Hef became a millionaire, bought a mansion in Chicago, an then one in LA, and a private 747 to shuttle him and his Bunnies. The 50s turned to the swinging 60s, and Playboy began to show full breasts, and even nipples. And then... in 1965, an unknown would-be photographer Bob Guccione published a new magainze, almost a carbon copy of Playboy, called Penthouse. By the late 60s, it was outselling Playboy, and in the process, breaking new ground. “We began to show pubic hair, which was a big breakthrough," Guccione recalled. "At the time, this was referred to as the Pubic Wars. Because after about nine months of denial, Playboy started to put wisps of pubic hair in the pictures." A detailed and fun recounting of the Pubic Wars can be found here

If Playboy showed boobs, Penthouse showed boobs and bush. If Playboy then showed bush, Penthouse showed a model with open legs. If Playboy showed a full frontal shot, Penthouse showed a model stroking her bush. Guccione claimed he was the first to show a visible clitoris. I don't know if that is true. By then the competition was on. Magazines like Gallery and Hustler had emerged in the market, each trying to carve out their space and steal subscribers. 

Grab a handful of magazines, especially Playboys, as they are perhaps the most mainstream, and you can see a slow, but steady decline of pubic hair. Even in the early 80s, the bush began to be trimmed. Then by the late 80s, the bikini lines had started to narrow to accommodate the high-hipped leotards and swimsuits. That narrowed to the landing strip in the early 90s. And then the landing strip became the landing patch. And then at some point it was gone. All of it. A bare pubis. 

Of course, a bare mons pubis was nothing new in history. Look at Greek and Roman statues. Look at the pinups of the 1950s that had to airbrush out the pubic hair to conform to censorship laws. And of course Linda Lovelace in Deep Throat. Shaved bald. But, in those times, shaving was the exception.

By Y2K, shaving had become not only accepted, but rather the norm. Waxing, plucking and lazer removal. Pubic hair was seen as something from the 20th Century, and that century was done.

For those who see fashion as a forward march, pubic hair will never come back. Others see it as inevitable. The pendulum has to swing back.

One of the commeters on the Sasha Grey article mentioned above made a good point: "’s all about transgression. Porn is one of the many capitalistic endeavors that earns money by pushing the edge of what’s acceptable. This of course leads to it eventually being acceptable, requiring a new definition of unacceptable. Thus lack of pubic hair was once transgressive and now it’s the norm, so public hair becomes the new transgressive..."

I can certainly relate to this. In the late 90s, having only known unshaved, shaving seemed new and novel, naughty, and bold. Now, after a decade of shaving, when every single suburban soccer mom is shaved, it seems.... well... not exactly subversive. When all the women in the local Walmart or Target are shaved like porn stars, where is the transgression of social sexual norms? Old fashioned bush suddenly seems punk.

The question is: will bush make a come back? A little or a full one? 

Sasha Grey and Lexie Belle may be early indicators. Or they may be outliers. 

From what I can see, the acceptance of pubic hair is returning a little. It looks like 99% of nude women on the internet are still shaven, and the disgust of pubic hair is still vocal in the blog comments. But there are some signs that attitudes are relaxing, a bit to allow for some softer curls instead of razor bumps.

I am very curious to see where the pubic hair trend goes. If it's true that fashion cycles back approximately every 20 years, then we should be seeing a return of bush in the next 5 years or so. I don't doubt that this will happen a little. I mean, it's inevitable that people just want change. Look at cars. In the 70s we had really big station wagons, suburbans, and rad muscle cars. Then the recession of the 80s hit, and in came the Honda Civic, the VW Golf, etc. Then the economy recovered in the 90s, and then cars got bigger and in came the generation of the SUV, and even the Hummer. Remember those? And now, our local Hummer dealer is out of business. Companies have come up like Kia, with small, compact cars. It's a lot like the 80s again.

And yet, we're not totally retuning to the 1980s hatchback. We're in the time of the hybrid. A little of the old and a little of the new. And perhaps that's exactly what will happen. Shaving won't ever leave, and bush may never come back to its Woodstock heyday, but perhaps this new generation will enjoy a little of both, changing it up. Hopefully with that, some of the neanderthal comments and hate language about women being "disgusting" for growing pubes will fade away.

Perhaps pubes may never again be fully the norm but become a bit of an eccentric bohemian fashion statement. 

In ancient Rome, all men wore togas--in the town square, in the senate. Now frat boys wear them at parties. In the Victorian Era, women wore whalebone corsets when they went out in public. Women haven't worn corsets as daily practice in a 100 years, yet, I can go to my local mall, to the lingerie shop of a popular national chain store, and buy a corset. I might not wear it to work, but its a lot of fun in the bedroom.

Perhaps bush will become like that. 

Filled Up

Dripping from her...

Wet, so wet

So wonderfully wet.


Prisoner of war, or prisoner of love? All's fair in love and war, either way.

Backyard camping

If you can't go camping, backyard camping is the next best thing. Sometimes just as fun. 

Marge Monday: Working at Knockers

Remember this episode: The Simpson's are in such a pinch for money that Marge has to take a job at the local Knockers?

I don't, but if there is such an episode, please let me know. What an awesome image.

Seeing Double

A funny double-exposed negative. Although my eye goes to many places in this image to make sense of it, my eye returns again and again to one spot. Yours, too?

Baja B-day

Allie had her b-day in Baja. To celebrate, she swam in the ocean.

Leave your Boots on

When hiking leads to other things...

Abundantly Sexy

She is extra of everything. Everything sexy.

In the Bathhouse

How do you flash someone when you're already naked?

Beach Show

She had packed her little gold vibrator to the local nude beach. After soaking in the sun for awhile and getting turned on by all the naked men walking by and checking her out, she pulled out the vibe.

At first, no one seemed to notice, but once someone stopped to watch, then someone else stopped, and once there was a group of three watchers, it became a crowd.


Landlubber was a jeans and denim label, started in 1964 by the Hoffman Corporation of Boston. During the early 1970s, they were THE cool jeans to wear, both their bellbottom jeans and cute jean dresses and skirts. Supposedly Stevie Nicks and Robert Plant both wore them.

The label was briefly relaunched in the early 1990s. They are now bought and sold on Esty and Ebay. Anyone still have their Landlubbers packed away in the attic?

On the Lookout

I don't really know what's going on in this image. But it seems like it could be a pretty funny story.

Tool Time

Bob and Gary were having a "water cooler" chat at work, trying to be secretive, but I overheard. Bob said to Gary that Dave, one of our co-workers, had built a homemade pillory in his garage. He would lock his naked wife in this DIY stock and then invite other men over. For $5 each, the men could do whatever they wanted. Get themselves off, or use a tool and try to get the naked and restrained wife off. Apparently, it was quite a cottage business.

Just then, Deborah from accounting overheard and piped in: "That's disgusting and degrading. I should call the police and report him."

"Why," asked Bob. "It was her idea."

Hot for Teacher: Edna Krabable (part 3)

Edna Kabable and Seymour Skinner had a long on-and-off relationship. For Seymour it was a relationship with a woman besides his mother; for Edna, it was mostly not being alone. 

Edna had a wild side that Seymour have. To her, he was a little dull and boring, but at least he was willing to do along. 

For Seymour, however, it was much more of a romantic relationship in his mind. He adored Edna, and loved that she made his otherwise small world of Springfield Elementary. 

Edna and Seymour at Green Day concert

Ever since Edna dumped Skinner and took up with Ned Flanders, Seymour has been trying to get back together with her. Feeling sorry for Skinner, Edna sometimes gives him some. In "Regarding Margie," Edna and Principal Skinner are seen making love on a golf course. Then he climbs off and she says, "Birthday is over, Seymour," and lights up a cigarette. Another time she flashes him. She's not wearing any underwear, as usual. This drives Skinner wild with passion and jealousy. She smirks. 

(Click on animated gif)


One of my favorite summer traditions: tubing down the Sandy or the Clakamas. Naked. 

Everyone else who's on the river seems to be in swim suits, as per the norm. But no one seems to care. In fact, I get quite a few hoots and hollers from drunk guys, and lots of "whoooo-hooo!" from their bikini-clad girlfriends (also very drunk). 

Technically, I don't think there is any ordinance prohibiting nudity. It's not really clear, some land is US Forest Service, some Oregon State Park, and much of it private. The homes are all perched on the cliffs, and I've never seen a homeowner from the river, so there's no one to complain. I just drift on by. And, I believe nudity is perfectly legal, as long as it's not disturbing the peace. 

In the summer, on the river, naked tubing is making peace, I'd say.

Window light

Some say window light is the prettiest light of all. I agree.

Hot for Teacher: Edna Krabable (part 2)

As Simpson's fans may recall, the Simpson's buy a hot tub at a home and garden show and take it home where they spend hours soaking.

Homere and Marge loved to skinny dip in their tub--when they had a backyard pool for a bit, they skinny dipped in it. Since they were in their own back yard, they didn't think much about offending the nieghbor's. Flanders was their neighbor, and when he complained, they invited him over. 

Marge also invited Edna. Edna needed the relaxation, and since it was just the ladies, they didn't need suits.

Except on afternoon, Ned arrived home early from the Leftorium, and decided he'd go around the corner to soak for a bit in the Simpson's tub. He was shocked to find Marge and Edna about to climb in. 

Marge, being a gracious host, invited Flanders to soak with the ladies. Ned couldn't help checking out Enda, as she was checking out him.

Later that evening, after Homer returned from work at the nuclear plant, they noticed that Ned and Edna were getting much better acquainted.

(Click on animated gif)
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