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Filming the Nude

A fun image of a BBC crew shooting an interview with a nude lady. The lady is LadyGod1va who has a blog of just such fun images of her nude around her hometown of London and elsewhere.

Hotel Shower With a View

Staying in a fancy hotel downtown. The shower had a large window. There was a curtain that could be drawn for privacy, but then, that takes away the fun of it, no?

Beach Camping

I love camping. I love camping on the beach. I especially love camping on a secluded beach.

Her Collection

Every pair she owns.

Marge Monday: Homer, Passed Out Again

Wonder what Marge is saying? Is she scolding Homer for being drunk and passed out again? Looks like she's ready for special "snuggles," but won't be getting any tonight. 

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Best Salon in Town

Wouldn't this be a popular salon?

Hot for Teacher

Somehow this image makes me think she's a teacher. Not just the map, but the long skirt and blouse and her look of ironic amusement. All teacher qualities. 

Wish she were my teacher.

Columbia Gorge Hike and Flash

A little fun on an all-girls hike in the Columbia Gorge. A cute photo to remember that day, those friends, and that feeling of being young, alive, carefree. Relish it.

If you do not have memories (or photos) like this, go now. Make some. 

Graduation Time

Well it's about that time when a new generation of our young, bright, and talented get released to the world.

Congratulations class of 2012!

Farm Girl

There is something especially sexy about an All-American farm girl.

Canyonland Yoga

Marge Monday: Tahiti Style

Marge didn't travel half way around the world to a tropical paradise to wear clothes. Learning the local dress code, she quickly decides to go native.

Beautiful Bride

Beauty in the bathroom

I don't know who took this photo, but it is obviously artistic, and draws out the possibilities of story. It's almost posed, and almost voyeuristic. 

Backyard Disco Queen

Humps Her Bed Post

Feed Her Cock

Same Room Couples on Vacation

They rented a house on the beach. It was a great way to have a vacation and share costs. Of course, they had to share the same room. Not a lot of privacy in the small house, but they didn't mind. No one was complaining. In fact, it made the vacation that much more memorable. 

Wild Child

She said she had never posed for artistic nudes, but had always wanted to. I offered.

Marge Monday: Leaked Tape

When a private home video leaked, it eventually came out on DVD. No one knows how this happened. 

Some suspect Barney stole the tape when he was desperate for beer money. Others say Moe, who has always had a thing for Marge, stole it when he was babysitting Maggie. Some say maybe even Homer himself let it leak when he brought it to work to show off to a few co-workers at the plant.

Marge was shocked. Or at least pretended to be. It wasn't the first revealing images to circulate around Springfield. She'd posed nude for the Celebrity Calendar, and then had pictorial spreads in Playdude, Penthouse, and Playboy. Gossips like Helen Lovejoy even speculated that Marge had leaked the tape herself.

Happy Mother's Day

Pull Out

After A Couple Weeks

Morning Yoga, nude

She say's there is no better way to start her day than morning yoga. Alone, she has no need for clothes. Even her gym clothes are a little restrictive, or in the laundry. It's more natural nude, she says.


Blue Eyes Smiling

I don't think it'd be possible to be anymore in love.

Push Me Pull Me

What a sexy image. On my knees, in my bra still. Grab my hair, push me, pull me between you.


Marge Monday: Their Special Tree

Homer and Marge share special memories, but perhaps the most meaningful to them is their special tree. Here homer climbed up above the other carvings and inscribed their names. Homer and Marge Forever. Here they consummated their love, doggy style on a blanket. Marge loves outdoor sex.

When they got in a fight, Homer tried to climb the tree, but its roots had rotted and it fell over a deep chasm. Marge rushed to his rescue, saving Homer once again, and proving her everlasting love.

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And to Finish

You're Welcome

On bed pose

Somehow the laptop on the bed makes this even better. How is the laptop related to what's going on now? Obviously she (or someone) was using the laptop before. But now that's been halted for a photo break.


Cum on the Beach

How sexy is this? What is the story? A husband and wife on a remote beach for an anniversary holiday? Rekindled romance? Or a smile at a friendly stranger? An eyeful, to be sure.

Bum Fluff

Her Expression of O

Audrey in NY

Clear Skies

What a fun retro image. Reminds me of Jennifer in Colorado, and the day we hiked around the sand dunes.


Ever since she bought the bed from Goodwill her Freshman year of college and discovered this use for it, she's moved her bed to every new apartment she's had. Her boyfriend wondered why she was so attached to it. If he only knew.

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