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Nettie for New Year's

A special gift for New Year's, a selection of Nettie Harris images. Unfortunately we don't know the photographers, but this group of images certainly shows that Nettie is one of the most diverse and talented models of our time. 

In the Sauna

I love to go to a sauna and soaking pool near my house. It's clothing optional. 

I love that option.

On trail, quick one

I can understand that when out hiking in nature, especially on a sunny day, you get frisky. It's not uncommon for a gal to stop, pull down her boyfriend's pants, and give him a spontaneous blow job. At least, that has happened at least a couple times in my life. 

However, the question here is: who's taking the picture? Did a stranger come up on them and snap the photo? Did a stranger come up on them and they asked the stranger to take their photo? Or, did the stranger come up, and she pulled down the stranger's pants, while the boyfriend stepped back and snapped the photo? Is that why she's looking back over her shoulder, giving such a knowing, gleeful look?

Girls Back then

I know there are hot girls today. But if I had a time machine, I'd have to go back to 1978. Why oh why was I born too late?

Playboy, 1978. Whitney Kaine.

Bikini (on and off)

I think this girl is as cute as they come. I have a huge crush on her. And I'd let her sunbath nude on my roof anytime.

Porky's Shower Scene

Perhaps one of the most famous peeping scenes in Hollywood history, the girl's gym shower in Porky's (1982). The film is memorable (or forgettable) depending on when you grew up. Supposedly it's the highest-grossing Canadian-produced film behind Resident Evil. But for as solidly mediocre as the acting, dialog, and plot is, the shower scene has no doubt shaped and embodied the adolescent yearnings of a generation. Everyone of my friends knew the scene and had worn out their VCRs watching and rewatching it. Even though the glimpse of nudity is brief--it did show full frontal--and the peeping aspect was every boys' dream. 

Rare by today's standard's, when the girls notice that they are being spied on, they think it's funny. The early 80s were certainly a lot more frisky, where sexuality was seen as popular and normal, and not dangerous or shameful. But that's how memory works, pick out the very best and forget the entirety.  This scene in the movie is classic, well worth revisiting, unfortunately the rest of the movie isn't. 

Pretty Wife

Pull a Sample

I hadn't been to the doctors for a while, and finally made an appointment for a physical. 

I was surprised, and a bit embarrassed, when I was called from the waiting area by a rather cute young nurse. When she looked up form her clipboard, and made eye contact, she smiled. I watched her walk as she lead the way. I'd never seen anyone look so good in a hospital uniform. 

When we got to the small exam room, she asked me some basic questions and made notes on my chart. Things like did I have any allergies, was I taking any medications, the last time I'd had a check up...

I admitted that I hadn't been in for quite a while. I must have looked a little anxious, because she smiled in that warm, reassuring way that only nurses seem to posses. They seem to radiate warmth and compassion. She then touched my shoulder lightly, which sent a rush of energy through my whole body. Then she told me to get undressed and slip on the hospital robe. The she smiled again. This smile wasn't the warm, empathetic look, but rather a glint of mischief. 

After a few minutes, she returned. I was dressed only in my boxers and the little hospital robe. It hardy covered much, and seemed like it was leaving me more revealed than I wanted. She began to listen to my breathing and heart. With each touch, I felt a little twinge in my groin. She seemed to be taking her time,  slowly touching me on my arms and chest. She told me I had "good muscle tone." I wasn't sure what she was feeling for, and when she had me lie back on the bed and felt my stomach, I swear she was putting her hands closer and closer to my groin. I definitely felt my penis leap as her fingers gently pressed my abdomen. She must had seen it, because she said, "hummm,"and smiled. "Good reflexes." 

She took my blood pressure and and temperature, and then looking at me with a mischievous gleam in her eye, pulled out a rubber glove and a tube of KY. 

"Is that what I think it's for," I said.

She smiled and nodded. She seemed to be teasing as she slathered a dollop of lube jelly on her index finger.

I couldn't believe it. I was anxious and embarassed and very uncomfortable. I had a huge crush on this attractive nurse, and was already feeling shy around her, but now I was sitting on the paper covered exam table in nothing but boxers and a gown, and she was slathering lube on her finger, about to stick it up me. 

"Drop your shorts," she said, still smiling. Her eyes twinkled. 

I stood and slowly dropped my shorts. Now I was wearing only the robe, open in back. I placed my hands on the exam table, and leaned forward. I felt her pressence as she stepped up behind me. It was cold in the room, and I could feel the warmpth of her body, barely inches from me. Then I felt the cold sensation of the lube. She ran her finger in a slow circle, and said, "Just relax." 

She massaged my clenched sphincter until I finally exhaled. 

"That's it," she said. She began to work the tip of her finger inside me. I couldn't help but moan just a little as she pushed it in to her middle knuckle. She seemed to hold it, pushing up against what I assumed was my prostrate. "Did you know their are over six million nerve endings in your anus," she said. 

My body had become rock hard. 

She seemed to dip her finger in deeper and pushed harder, firmly but gently. She leaned in as she did, and I could feel her breasts brushing up against my back. 

She seemed to be pushing in and then wiggling her finger tip at the same time as her body seemed to move behind me. I couldn't help but moan a again. "It's very important to check your prostrate each year," she said. I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. 

"If I'd only known," I said, "I would have come in sooner."

"Yeah," said the nurse. As she pushed up again, penetrating me with the full length of her finger. My cock was standing at attention. She didn't seem in any hurry to withdraw her finger as she moved it forward and back. I could feel a little pre-cum dripping from my cock as she worked her finger in my back. I felt like I could cum right there.

Then she withdrew, and peeled off her glove, and as she made a note on the chart, she noticed my cock tenting in the gown. "We'll need one more sample," she said. 

I was a little confused if they needed a sperm sample for STD screening or fertility or genetic coding or whatnot, but I had heard of guys needing to give a sample. 

"I've never done that before," I said.

"You've never masturbated?" she asked with a coy grin.

"No," I said, with a chuckle. "Given a sample."

"Well, since it's your first time," she said, "let me help. I can show you how it's done."

Boots and Boobs

Smoking hot sexy.

Outdoor shower on coast

She took me to a beach cabin for some R&R. We lucked out. The weather was fantastic. The cabin, just secluded enough. On the trail to the beach we found a shower. It must have been built for surfers to wash their wet suits, but since the day was warm enough, she used it as her shower.

Bike Seat

She told me she often rode her bike in a skirt,without underwear. 

Jealous, I wanted to be her bike seat.

Wood for Winter

Winter wood can keep you warm.

Do the Math

There were six of them, three couples. They all wanted to have sex, but not with their partner. The math worked out perfectly. With each couple lying across from each other, that meant the could be between two new people at the same time: they would taste a new body and be tasted by someone new. After a while of sucking and slurping, they could flip over to their other side and then taste the person who had just tasted them. That way, everyone got to experience everyone, and if they were cheating, they were all doing so equally.

Dancing with Scarf

A lovely image. Amazing what can be done with just a single item, like a scarf.

Furry girl toothbrush

Here's a photo from Furry Girl. Looks like she got an electric toothbrush for Christmas.

I've always wondered how a toothbrush would feel as a mini vibrator. I also wonder how many women right now are getting off on their toothbrushes?

My guess: a lot.

Self Shots are Hard

It's hard to take a self-shot while having sex. 

But so worth it.

After her trip

She told me she went her whole trip without her razor, and she showed me the results.

Feliz Navidad!

A very lovely latina wishes everyone a happy Christmas.

Sliding Down The Chimney

Oh Santa! How does this fit on your "Naughty and Nice" list?

Twas the night before Christmas...

Some kids leave out milk and cookies for Santa. Sort of a thank you for delivering the gifts. When little girls grow up, they offer other thank yous for Santa.

Wife's Gift

Self shot at Christmas

These image are so funny. Maybe it's not sexy--or is it? Girlfriend snaps a self-shots in her Christmas finest. 

Will it be her Christmas card this year?

Hung with Care

Wife, Window, Motel

This is sort of a funny story. We were driving back to see family for the holidays. In a small town, we were caught in a snow storm. Rather than risk it and try to push on, we pulled off the interstate and found the first roadside motel. There was plenty of vacancy. The room was simple, and affordable. Since it was dark, but not late, we still had some restless energy. We'd thought we'd be driving many more hours, so we'd been drinking coffee and putting our minds to a long haul.

Neither of us were ready to fall asleep, so I went to the bathroom and changed into my sexiest lingerie that I'd packed. My idea was to get him all turned on and to have some great motel sex. When I came out of the bathroom, and he saw me, he instantly went for his camera. I have to admit, I love to pose for him. It makes me feel sexy and turns me on as much as it does him. 

We had fun making poses and photos, and then falling to bed, where we had great passionate vacation sex. After a few solid hours of fucking like animals, we brushed our teeth, and turned off the lights. 

...the next morning we got up early, showered, drank the bad motel coffee, and packed up. We noticed an envelope that had been slid under the door. We assumed it was the bill. So, without a second thought we opened it. It wasn't the bill, but actually motel stationary, the type that every room has, and a hand-written note, saying thanks for the great show last night.

Just then we realized we'd never closed the curtains. Maybe it was the fact that it was night and the windows were like mirrors and only reflected our own room back in on us.  Honestly, we probably didn't really even think about it. Where we live, we don't even think about the neighbors being able to see into windows. I don't think either of us even paused for one moment to consider if our private play was actually public. 

We had a good laugh, and kept the stationary with the note. A souvenir of our trip, and the night we were snowed in at the motel.

Lick her

Hotel bed

While traveling, she was dressed for bed but wasn't ready for sleep.

XMAS Carol

We went to a B&B on the coast to celebrate the holidays. The room was decorated with our own tree. It was very festive. Carol was feeling frisky and got playful with a candy cane. She posed for some photos, which made us both turned on. When I went to lick her, her juices had mixed with peppermint flavor of the candy. Yummy.

Redhead, Self portrait

Girlfriend Standing

XMAS Allie

Allie poses in Santa hat for the holidays.

Marge Monday: Peeping Flanders

Marge spends a lot of time nude in her home. It was only a matter of time before Ned noticed.

Click on animated gif

XMAS Joanie

Sexy wife poses by the tree, getting into the Holiday spirit of giving.

Holiday Frosting

Snowboard nude!

What a rush!


In Sauna

Hanging out in the sauna with her best friend.

Camping in the Southwest

A camping trip in the desert. Sexy!

Arty Black and White Nude

A lovely arty image of a woman with soft curves and gentle folds.

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