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Jen back in the day

Jen, the one time she came to visit me in Arizona. The cheap hotel. When we were driving, she leaned over and took me in her mouth. It was the first time. We thought we were so old then. Ready to runaway and get married. Luckily we didn't. She went back home. I stayed in Arizona for a wile then drifted back north. 

She's married now, with two kids. We're finally as old as we thought we were then.

Brown Eyed Girl

Do you remember when we used to sing?

Kathi's story

I first met Kathi when she was 17. She was actually still in Girl Scouts as a high school counselor. We had an innocent flirtatious relationship. I had a huge crush on her. She seemed like everything that an All American Girl should be.  

She lived with her parents during junior college, and then when she was about to go to the state university, she met some dude. He was a high school drop out who had a job at the local Jenny-O factory. They never really started dating. He came over to her house. They started drinking. They fooled around. And next thing they knew, she was pregnent. So, being in a small town, they got married. They had a kid.

He drank and went to the bar. Kathi never went back to college. Her letters to me stopped. For several years we just lost track. Then, a few years ago, she wrote me and told me she'd left him. 

Kathi and I started writing, and after a while, she dropped hints that the married had not been very happy for her. But she was glad to be with me. We seemed to have a tender rapport, and it was like dating the highschool prom queen. 

Because she hadn't been happy in her marriage, I assumed she didn't really have an intimate relationship with her ex-husband. That was just an assumption. I was shocked when I learned otherwise. I once asked her what her wildest sexual experience had been in her life. (I thought she might say the time we made love on the balcony of my house, where the neighbors could have overheard or even seen us in the moonlight. Or perhaps the time we took photos of her nude. That was sexy.) 

I was shocked, though, when she said matter-of-fact that one time her husband invited the guys from the factory over to watch football and drink beer and he told her to suck all their dicks and she did. 

"What do you mean you did?" I asked.

She looked at me, blankly. "I just did," she said. 

Apparently, he'd said to the others, drunk and bragging, that she gave the best head. Someone said, "Oh yeah, prove it," and he called her over and told her to prove it. She didn't argue. The men took off their clothes. She took off her clothes. She got on her knees. She sucked them all off, one at a time.  Her husband watched with a smirk.  It was as if he'd said, "The guys are hungry, make them some sandwiches."

She wouldn't say it turned her on, or how many times she did it, but it was, to her, what she thought of when I asked about her wildest sexual experience. 

Reading Outside Day

One of my very favorite parts of spring are those first days you can take a book outside and just read. Mix in a fruity iced drink, and it's as if summer is already here. 

She went all winter without shaving, cloaked by heavy sweaters and long sleeves. Now she's sporting her sundress again. What the hell. Maybe she'll go all summer this way, too. 

I Miss Summer Sun

photo by MartaCastaldo

Cum on me, baby

Sometimes she asks me to cum in her mouth, and sometimes on her tits. Either way, I can't say no.

Without Razor

She'd gone all winter without razor. She didn't mind. Neither did I.

Wild Child, circa 1940s

I wonder if this woman is still alive? If so, she must be very elderly. It looks like she's standing int he doorway of an old farm house. The furniture and her hair and the overall look appear to be circa 1940s.  Whoever she was, she had an amazing body, and one hell of a life.

Hipster Crush

I love see-thru bras. I love girls in glasses. I love cute hipsters. Sigh.

Underwater Sexy!

The College Years

Oh the college years. The first time to try almost everything. Like getting a piercing. Or an over-eager boyfriend who wants to put it in your butt.

How does she taste?

Right now I am wondering how she thinks my girlfriend tastes.

Same Room

I've never considered myself a swinger, or wanted to swap partners. (I've always liked the partners I've had). But I do have a fantasy of being out with another really good looking couple, having drinks, and then getting a nice downtown hotel room with a huge king size bed, and just letting what happens happen.

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A bottle of wine can make an ordinary girl do extraordinary things.

Share the Shower

She wants to know if you'd like to share her shower.


So yummy and lickable. I don't think that's a word, but it should be.

Hipster Wedding Flashes Pubes

They were young and good looking. Getting married. He tapped the glass to make a speech and thank his guests before they cut the cake. He wore one of his grandpa's old ties. It was a tribute to his late grandfather, but also hip. She wore a simple but elegant gown. It was sleeveless and the guests, especially her parents and the older crowd, all noticed that she didn't shave under her arms. People glanced, and tried to look like they weren't looking.

During the dancing in the reception, there was more flashes of her underarms. With wine and dancing, she was a little sweaty. She looked both elegant and truly sexual. All of us couldn't help but notice, and couldn't help but think of her naked that night, having sex on the honeymoon. He was a lucky groom. She was so lovely, and so much the sudden painful yearning of something we wanted, but could never have. 

Sexy and Silly

The best girls are sexy and silly.

Surfs Up!

Double Date

The girls both wear the same stockings. perhaps they went shopping together before hand, coordinating what they'd wear, and what would happen on their double date.

Alone on the Beach

Solo Sauna Time

My girlfriend asked me recently why I didn't go to the gym as much any more. I told her that it'd gotten too crowded and I hated having to wait for an open locker, an open machine, and an open seat in the sauna. 

"That's too bad," she said. "The women's locker room is always open. There's never anyone in the sauna." 

I guess I had noticed that the gym was mainly dudes and there were few women around. 

"In fact, I always like to end my workout with an orgasm in the sauna," she said.

"Are you joking?" I asked.

She looked at me, confused. "Why would I joke about that?" she said. 

Jenny's Party

I don't know who Jenny is, but apparently she had one hell of a party.

Wonder Woman

From 1975-79, CBS aired the popular TV show Wonder Woman. It was popular not for its plotlines, but for its sexy star, Lynda Carter, scantily clad in a star-spangled super hero outfit.

Girls wanted to be her. Guys wanted to be with her. Her costume was skin tight, leaving little to the imagination. Still, we imagined. Maybe if she jumped from a building, or during a fight, her top would slip off just enough?

Bike Riding

This is one way to ride a bike!

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Beach Yoga

Is there any place better to do yoga than on the beach in the morning?

Allie had moved to Baja, and having the beach to herself early, had gotten into the habit.


Kelly's Embarrassing Dog

So I dated this girl Kelly for a little while. She was really sweet. A social worker with a big heart, who didn't have much of a social life. Not because she wasn't a social person, but in her line of work, she didn't meet a lot of single guys, and most of her coworkers were much older and married with kids. She lived alone in a small upstairs apartment of a historic home with her dog.

Her dog was nice enough, but one of those dogs that needed constant attention. It was probably the reason we never dated more. As much as I liked dogs, this one was anoyning. It was constantly whining and always drooling on you. It loved to play endless fetch. It would find its slobbery tennis ball or chew toy and bring it over and drop it at your feet. It would whine until you acknowledged it, and if you didn't then it'd start to bark, and if you still tried to ignore the dog, it would start to ram its wet nose into your crotch. It was awkward.

Going over to her apartment always meant dealing with her dog. I swear the dog must have stayed home all day just waiting for us to come over and play fetch. I'd say 1% of that dog's brain was on sleeping and pooping, 2% on eating, and 97% on playing fetch.

This did not seem to bother Kelly as much as her guests (like me). Apparently few came over to her place. Maybe I was the only one. The dog certainly thought so. 

Maybe it was my fault because I played fetch the first time I came over. Since that first game with the ratty tennis ball, I regretted it. I wanted to spend romantic time with Kelly, watching a movie on her couch, making out. We couldn't with the dog. I hated smelling like slobbery dog.

I tried to hide the tennis ball. The dog always found a squeaky toy. When I hid those, the dog returned with a large rubber dong.

Apparently Kelly had left it out. Maybe in the bathroom? Maybe on her night stand? Maybe in her bed? Maybe she was using it right before I came over?  That was a sexy thought, but ruined. Wherever she'd left it, the dog had found it. 

He packed it into the living room and dropped it at my feet, whining.


A sexy pose where she checks herself out in the smooth water. Maybe it is narcissistic, in the very literal sense, but if I looked like her, I would. Wouldn't you?

Spring Break!!

From the rocks, looks like Lake Havasu. Got to love the leap and flash.

Up Against The Car

She loved being taken up against the car. No time for slow romance. This was quick and dirty.

X-country Ski Fun

One of my favorite memories is when my college girlfriend Jennifer came to visit during winter break. I invited her to go x-country skiing. 

Almost jokingly I asked if we could do it nude, and she said she was up for it. She'd even shaved herself totally bare, which, back then was pretty new and naughty. 

She was such a good sport.

On her front

One of her favorite ways to get herself off was to lie on her stomach and reach down and rub herself.

I once walked in on her like this. I'd stayed over at her place, and then left in the morning. I was in a hurry and we didn't have time for hanky panky. I rushed out, but forgot something. When I came back, I found her on her bed, rolling around on top of her hand, her butt clenching, like she was humping her hand.

She was just on the verge of climax when I caught her. She was shocked, half zonked out in sexual la-la land, and really embarrassed. 

I told her I'd stick around to watch if I could, but that I really had to go.  I kissed her as I dashed back out and told her it was totally sexy and that I'd be driving to my appointment, thinking about her up in her room, finishing what she'd started. 

She smiled as I hit the door. 

As I drove to my appointment, I knew right then she was home, finishing up, having a good powerful climax on her bed. I knew I'd keep the image in my head all day, and when I got home, we'd have passionate, inspired sex.

So Many Pretty Girls

First Crush

I remember Amy. We went to the same school from 8th grade through senior year high school. When she was younger, she was a shy bookworm, who wore glasses. She had plain blonde hair and bangs. The guys never noticed her. But I did. I especially did after about sophomore year when I started to notice at gym class how her body had filled out.

When she wore long skirts or baggy sweaters (the style of the early 90s), you couldn't really see her figure. But once, when hanging out at her house, she changed right in front of me. She was either incredibly brave, or more likely, completely oblivious to the sexuality of her now womanly body. 

I remember the phone rang and it was her mom. She was talking to her mom on the phone while totally nude. I snapped a photo. I wish I had more. Back then we had film rolls in cameras. We were used to taking only one photo per event. 

Photos back then weren't meant to completely document a moment, like they are now. Rather, they would act like nemonic devises. You were supposed to look at one and it woudl trigger all the memories around that event.

Seeing this image, all the memories come back. Still, I wish I had more than one of Amy. Although none of the other students back then knew it, she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen, with a perfect body.  My first crush.

Flaunt 'em

Flaunt 'em if ya got 'em. 

Doing Laundry

While waiting for her laundry, might as well pass the time. When the spin cycle clicks on, she's close to being done.

Kitchen Quickie

Getting Started

He is not quite hard as she bends over him and takes him in her mouth. She is not quite wet as the other one reaches begin her legs and rubs her. He also holds his cock, slowly stroking it in anticipation. They still have all their clothes on. They have driven out to the woods to enjoy a sunny afternoon. 

Things are just getting started.

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