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Pretty Eyes

Girlfriend in the morning. Few things better.

The Great Outdoors

What is it about camping and being out in nature that makes people so randy?
I don't know. Maybe animal instinct. Whatever the impulse. I'm not complaining.

Marge Monday: Teacher's Pet

Some may wonder when Marge had her first girl-girl experience. Some might guess that is was when she was at Springfield High, or in college. But actually, it was much later, after marriage to Homer and having her children, Bart and Lisa.

Lisa was always a good student, but Bart was the opposite. Marge was regularly being called in for teacher conferences with Bart's teacher, Edna Krabapple.

One day she went to Springfield Elementary to see Ms. Krabapple. She didn't have an appointment, and was just hoping to catch the teacher after school. She certainly caught the teacher alright. Bart's teacher and Lisa's teacher were having a private conference of their own.

When Marge barged in on them, Edna was annoyed at first. As if she didn't already give enough time and attention to the Simpson family. But after Marge apologized profusely and said that she hated to interrupt them and that it looked like fun, Edna invited Marge over. "Have you ever felt your beasts touch another woman's breast before?" asked Ms. Krabapple.

"No," Marge said, but admitted that she'd always been a little curious.

"Let me teach you," said Ms. Krabapple.

Bart's teacher is not a bad teacher; she just needed a willing student. She found that in Marge.

Snapshot and Toy

I love this photo, but I don't know what the story is. He takes a picture of her, as he's got his dick buried in her soft folds. Meanwhile, she gazes at a snapshot. They've obviously taken out old sets of photos. Are they going down memory lane? 

And on top of her naked body is a fresh-colored vibrating dildo. Is it on? Does it tickle her breast as she stares into the photo? Was she sucking on it as he pounded her? Were they trying some DP? Are they fantasizing or reminiscing about a three-some they had while on vacation?

Motel Bathroom

A sexy moment in a motel bathroom. Everything about this photo is pure erotic.

PS--believe the photo is by Chip Willis.

Privates on Parade

I have no idea where this was first published, but it's great. It claims to be the world's first  cock line up. Somehow I doubt that. 

I wonder if in the secretly naughty Vicorian era one of the parlor games of the aristocray was a line up? Or perhaps a favorite of the courts of 17th Century France. Or even a game started by the Romans...

There seems to be something inherently sexy about the concept of an anonymous line up of cocks. Both for the women seeing the male specimens, but perhaps even more for the men, getting an opportunity to show their cocks to their own and other men's partners. It's both voyuerism and exhibitionism, and a safe form of group sex. 

The fantasy is easy to get started. First the woman look, admire, comment, compare. Then they move in for closer inspection. Feel them and cup them. And then, seeing them grow to their full glory, take them in their mouths. Women used to long narrow cocks getting to play with shorter, thicker ones. Getting to feel a curved phallus if they haven't. The wall offers permission to explore. The rules of polite society momentarily suspended. 

The guys can't get jealous, because they have no idea which woman is slurping on them. Maybe part of them tries to imagine it is their own faithful partner giving them pleasure. But probably more likely, they are thrilled to feel the wrap of a new and wonderful set of lips.

Cute Nerd Hipster

The smart ones are always the sexiest.

She Gets Him Off

She walked in and caught him masturbating to online porn. She'd known that he'd been looking at porn online; he wasn't very good at clearing off the search history on her computer. Intellectually, she knew that all guys look at porn at some point, but emotionally, it made her feel insecure. WHy was he looking at other men's wives? Why not her? Was she not enough?

Her feelings were mixed. One of her biggest turn-ons was watching him touch himself. She also loved to make him cum and to watch him shoot it. That was one thing she couldn't do as a woman, and it always her a thrill to see his globs of white semen shootout.

So when she caught him, she stepped up and gave him a hand. 

Nice Bush

Passed Out at the Nude Beach

It was a sunny day at the nude beach. Started out with drinking and some swimming, and then some more drinking, and after a few hours, she was passed out. 

A lot of people unabashedly stared at her bare breasts. She had no idea, or was too drunk to care.

Restful, relaxing. A great weekend, indeed.

Trail Nymphs

Hiking along the coast. Jessica had such lovely hippie friends. I said they were like ancient nymphs from Greece. 

Outside drips

After outdoor sex... so good.


They had been apart for a while and when they reunited, the sex was hard, fast, and furious. She was on her knees, getting pounded from behind. As he began to feel the cum boiling in his balls, he asked her where she wanted it. She was in such a passionate moment, she cried out for him to pull out of her ass and shoot his load on her.

Surfs Up! Head out.

Happy Birthday, Honey

For her birthday, she wanted to do something extra special. She wanted to have half a dozen men. She had fantasized about it for a while. The difference between a fantasy and reality, though, was that the men could be anyone in her mind. In reality, they would be specific individuals. She didn't want that. She didn't want to know them as other people's husbands, or dads, or co-workers. She didn't even want to see their bodies--if they had a hairy back, or a bit of a beer belly. She didn't want to see tattoos, or tanlines. She just wanted to feel the sensation of being surrounded by cocks. It was literally like a "kid in a candystore" fantasy. She wanted to reach out in any direction and take a cock. She wanted to feel cocks pushing in to her in every way. Every direction, every orifice.

And so, on her big day, she dressed in her lingerie.  Her husband tied a blindfold on her. And then told the guys waiting in the other room to undress and line up. She'd start off by sucking them one at a time, and then, when she was ready. They could have her anyway they wanted, which is exactly what she wanted.

Threesome with Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Jones. Her husband. And a friend. A younger friend.

Nip Slip at the Meridian Hotel

Sometimes the very best nip slips are the ones where it could be accidental, or she could very well know her dress is falling open just a little too much and doesn't care if the camera catches it. Maybe even hopes the camera catches it. 

She's dressed up. Posed by the fancy hotel they're staying at. Heels, a nice dress. no bra. Looks like a fun vacation with some fun vacation sex for later in the evening.

Summer Breeze on Summer Road Trip

High school, Stephanie's mom had a convertible. I remember the summer, Steph would get to borrow the car and we'd just drive. Out the the country, top down. The air was warm, radio loud. It felt like youth and summer and freedom. 

Mark Twain said youth is wasted on the young. Maybe he never had a convertible. 

Ballet Class

Second Time

After they have had sex, and she has cum and he has cum, she likes to cum again. A second time. She slides her fingers into her, wet, lubed, and relaxed. two fingers in the front and one in the back, she rides the shivers of her first orgasm to the surge of a powerful second.

HJ at the Resort

I love a picture that tells a story. Here we have a couple on vacation, maybe sitting on the balcony of their beach-side hotel room at a nice resort. They're hanging out. She's in her bikini, eating a salad. It's sunny, but no one is on the beach. Maybe it's the off season, or just early in the day. 

With a little privacy to themselves, she's feeling frisky. She pulls down her bikini top to flash him her breasts. This excites him, and he starts to get hard. She pulls him out of his pants and begins to stroke. 

A wonderful, relaxing way to start a vacation day.

Camping in Yosemite

Bikini Peek

Sometimes bikinis cover just enough. And sometimes--a few magical moments--they cover less.

Strawberry Squat

Playmate 1978

Playmate susan Jensen, 1978. She was from Alaska, and I wanted to meet an outdoor girl just like her.

Clear Creek

Burrr....the water is a little chilly, but the summer sun warm. The mountain creek water clear. The air hums and smells like pine. It's a good day to be alive.

Today's Teens

Don't give a shit about your narrow-minded body rules.

Summer Wear

Best part of summer: shorts and short sleeves, and not a lot else.

Just a hint for summer

she shaves in summer... but still let's a few days go between. Just a hint. Just a tease.

Girls of Summer River Past

Surfing Safari

They'd travelled down the coast to a remote stretch of beach. They had planned to spend an entire month surfing. After the first few days, most abandoned swimsuits. There wasn't really any point.

Marge Monday: Paying for Health Care

Homer has a health care plan through his job at the Springfield nuclear plant. But Mr. Burns is always trying to cut it back as much as possible, and Homer is always getting injured. In fact, barely a week goes by that Homer isn't back in the hospital, with Dr. Hibbert attending.

Sometimesthe medical bills pile up. Homer and Marge can't take out another mortgage on the house. They have to keep the kids in school and fed. So Marge does what she always does: she bails Homer out. 

She says she's doing it for her husband and family. But she does it with such frequency and such enthusiasm, one might think she's also doing it for herself.

Sex in Mirror... Yes!

Documenting the moment... and who wouldn't?

The Party's Progression

First they started out with a party. Several of their friends came over. They drank beer in plastic Solo cups from the keg on the back deck. Things got silly. A game of twister came out. They two couples played it, and laughed and fell onto each other, and generally got comfortable with each other. And, admittedly, a little turned on.

After the others had left, the two couples were still buzzed and ready for something to do. Someone suggested Same Room. And although it was their first time, they didn't think they'd get another better moment. They'd always been curious about watching and being watched at the same time. They were ready to have sex, and the thought of seeing the other couple, who they both found very attractive was added bonus. They each took a couch, and began...

Public Service Announcement

New Camera, New Joy

When he discovered the polaroid, a good day. 
When he discovered his girlfriend would pose for him, best day ever.

How to Have a Great Summer

Swimming pool. Naked.

Nettie's One-piece

Sexy thin T-shirt

Surf Girl Topless

Locker room lovely

What a lovely image of a super sexy lady in a locker room. Normally, Playboy Bunnies are known for their large breasts--I love her perfect B cups. Also, when this picture was taken, this woman symbolized the mainstream, the "All American girl next door," the girl we'd want to be in high school, or be with in high school. Now, if I were to crop off the Playboy watermark, so many people would consider this an image in the "fetish" category. I don't think this young woman is a fetish--to me is the All-American girl next door. She looks so natural, and perfect for that.

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope you have a star-spangled holiday.

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