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Cute Smile in Hotel Room

A cute smile on this lovely girl  as she straddles her boyfriend's face. Just part of the fun they had in the motel.

Just one night

When they were at the hotel during a short trip, they had some good hotel sex. It really rekindled their passion, and as part of their lovemaking, they were talking out their fantasies. 

When they first started dating, she was right out of college. She'd had boyfriends before, but was mostly a shy and reserved girl. She loved sex--plain and straight ahead. He wanted to take their sex beyond the physical, and into more cerebral play. He'd first attempted this by buying her a How-To book on dirty talking. It so offended her, the book and the concept was shelved for the next couple years. 

Eventually, though, when he'd given up on trying to force her into his idea of a sexual partner, she confided in him that she thought the barista by her office was really cute. With some gentle prodding, she eventually confessed that she had a fantasy of kissing that girl. Even just hearing that made him hard and they made passionate love. When she saw that he was not only accepting of her confession, but actually turned on by it, she revealed that her fantasy also involved the barista girl going down on her, licking her softly between her wet folds. She admitted that she returned to this fantasy often when she masturbated. 

She feared that telling him this was opening up her private sexuality. That maybe he'd judge her, or be threatened. Or jealous. She told him that she'd masturbate and think of him, but secretly, that wasn't the case. She'd been thinking more and more about the barista. And there was another really cute girl at the local grocery store. She didn't dare tell him about the cute guy she worked with. 

What she didn't know was that his imagination had also been working. He'd latched onto the idea of her and the barista. He developed it into images that he masturbated to. And sometimes, late at night, when she'd gone to bed and he couldn't sleep, he snuck off to the computer and looked at online porn. 

More and more, he came across photos and movie clips of girls shared by two guys. When he first came across them, he didn't really think much. He really liked the girl-girl action. And it didn't make sense: if you had a girl, why would you want another dude cutting in? But after a while, he started seeing MMF threesomes in a new light. He started seeing it as something not just for the guys, but for the female. He saw her as the center of attention. He saw the expressions of ecstasy on her face as she took a cock in her mouth while being pounded from behind.

At first he saw the women on these scenes as porn stars--people performing only for the camera. It didn't really seem like these things happened in real life. So, one time when they were making love and he had been asking her to describe the last time she masturbated and which fantasy she'd turned to, it seemed safe to ask her if she'd ever imagined herself with two guys. She stopped and stared at him, as if he'd just caught her. Would you be upset if I have? she asked.

"Of coure not," he said. "It's just a fantasy."

She opened up by saying safe things, like, "who wouldn't want to be the center of attention?" 

As they were making love, he tried to imagine what it'd be like with another guy. He slipped his fingers into her mouth and she began to suck on them. He imagined that it was another penis that she was gulping down. To his surprise, it made him extra hard.

All of this led up to their trip, where they found themselves in a hotel room, making love and talking out their fantasies. They'd both gotten more comfortable with the idea of her with another man. They'd been together since she was 22 and now she'd turned 28. They'd been together long enough that he knew she wanted to be with him. Having another penis inside her wasn't going to change that. And, frankly, the image of a strange new cock penetrating her was sort of thrilling to him.

So as they were talking about the fantasy guy who would join him, she casually said, "we could, ya know?"

"We could what?"

"We could get a guy up here," she said. 

He was trying to decide if he was shocked, excited, or confused. And if she was serious, bluffing, or just trying to talk sexy. He was looking at her face for a clue.

she was smiling and there was a sparkling in her eye.

"It just be one night," she said. "Then we'd go home, never see the guy again. Just one night."

"Hummm," he said. "Just one night."

Sweet and Long Ago

She Wants To

She wants to give it to you. Do you accept?

Marge Monday: The Van Houten Tape

After their divorce, Kirk Van Houten moved into a bachelor apartment. Occasionally Homer stopped by, and even stayed over once during a fight with Marge. 

Kirk was a pretty sad, lonely, and pathetic guy. He had only two things to remember Luanne by: his "Can I Borrow a Feeling" audio tape, and the copy of their sex tape he'd made with Luanne during happier times.  

When Homer found it, he of course had to share it with Marge.

So Sexy

Open Window

She'd always masturbate when she stayed at hotels. It always made it hotter when she did it in front of an open window.

Motel Masturbation: Who Hasn't?

Who hasn't had to spend a night alone in a motel? And who hasn't been both a little bored, and a little frisky? Motels are where couples have rekindled travel sex. You can just feel the energy in the walls. Or perhaps hear a couple in another room, the bed springs creaking, the headboard slamming and a woman's voice pitching higher and higher.

There's something so generic about a motel. The two beds, the TV on the dresser. Cups wrapped in plastic. They all sort of smell the same. Feel the same. And other than flip through the cable channels, there's really nothing to do but masturbate.


Patricia loved the lube-sloppy butt sex.

Her Treat

Sometimes when she's in a sexy mood, she'll have him lie back, and she'll straddle him, sitting on his legs. This pins him down, and also gives her a perfect view of his cock, just within arm's reach.

He quickly grows hard to her touch, and soon she is stroking him. She loves to touch herself at the same time. A lot of times she can make herself cum first, or right at the exact moment he explodes. Watching him cum almost always triggers her. 

She calls the hand job "his treat" but it's really just as much hers. 

Dare leds to public nudity on her street

A dare led to a naked photo in her street. A quiet residential street of old bungalows and cape cods from the 20s and 30s. trees along the street, cars parked. It was a nice neighborhood. So nice that it's easy to get a little complacent, a little dull. And that's what led to the dare.

She half-smiled, half-smirked as the photographer snapped. 

Happy Endings

Pit Power

Dare to bare, girls. Be proud of who you are and what you are. A sexy sexy mammal.

Frat boys, beware.

Marge Monday: College Dorm Days

Homer and Marge first started dating Senior year in high school, and got together after Senior prom. Marge went to college. Homer didn't. But that didn't stop him from going to visit her in her Freshman dorm, and "getting busy."

Click on animated gif

Click on animated gif

Road Trip Relaxing

They'd been driving all day. Finally, they stopped at a cheap roadside motel. He'd done all the driving and was sore and exhausted. She wanted to thank him, and help him relax. 

She instructed him to get naked and just lie back on the motel bed. She knew what he needed. He was too tired for sex. She knew that. He just needed release. And she knew a hand job was the fastest, most direct way. This wasn't going to be a slow sensual rub down or a sultry blow job. No. This was beating him off, plain and simple.

He sprank instantly to attention with her touch. Wrapping her fingers around his girth, she began to stroke. First slow until he became fully erect, and then up and down to beat the band. 

Normally, he would have gone for the camera on the night stand, and taken a picture of his sexy wife, naked. But her handy work felt too good. He moaned and just closed his eyes. 

She loved to watch his face. She watched him, a smile of satisfaction on her own face, as her hand quickly brought him release.

Hollywood Hike

When I went to LA, I got to see my old girlfriend Jen. She tok me on a hike up to the Hollywood sign. It was a warm, sunny day. She looked great. She wore a sunny tanktop and denim miniskirt. I couldn't help but notice how the tanktop hugged her small breasts, and that without a bra, I could see the outline of her nipples. How I missed seeing her, and seeing her dressed so sexy made me want to have that intimacy we once enjoyed. 

One of our favorite things to do when we were dating was take naughty photos. It turned me on to see her flash her body and she seemed to also enjoy the fun.

As we hiked, I snapped photos of her, and soon we were both enjoying the old play between us. Although there were dozens of tourists on the trail, we were able to take a less crowded trail as we hiked back toward Griffin Park. 

How about we do a flashing shot? I suggested.

She laughed, and said I was sure being forward. But when the coast was clear, she pulled her tanktop to teh side and flashed me a glimpse of her nipple. 

I snapped a few shots and she then replaced her top as another couple came up the trail.

I was really turned on, seeing her again, and playing our fun flashing game. There was something I was wondering. When we first dated, she was just out of college. She'd been an avid outdoor girl, and even a little granola. One of the things I remembered about her was that she never shaved. Back then, I wanted her to be more like other girls in the early 2000s. Shaving had become popular, and I wanted to see her like I'd seen girls in magazines and online. So, back then, I asked her to shave, and for a while, she obliged. 

But we'd been broken up for more than five years. She'd moved to LA and had been living there since. Had she continued to shave on her own? Had she part of the city? Or was she she, deep down, the same girl from Seattle who loved to hike, and hated to shave her golden curls.

I was dying to find out. I suggested Jen flash her skirt.

Oh come on, she said. She sounded like she was serious, but she was willing. When we came to a large boulder, she sat down and parted her legs. She was wearing cut lace panties under her skirt. With a smile, she pulled her panties to the side, revealing a familiar site, and reminding me of what I'd once had. 

I was so proud of her for being true to herself.

Some Time with a Self Timer

Such fun you can have with a camera and self-timer.

What Happens In Vegas

She was on a business meeting in Vegas. What she did on her own time was her own business.

Bountiful, beautiful

For all who love breasts, here are some lovely breasts to love.

With and Without

She wanted to send him a photo. First with, and then without. A little prelude to their date.

Dressed, Undressed

I think I could watch this all day.

Click on animated gif

Valentine Poem for My Love

In my stockings, 
on my knees. 
Give it to me, 
pretty please.

Slide on Down

Marge Monday: At the Springfield Nude Beach

Fans of the Simpson's know that the Springfield beach appears in lots of episodes. Marge went there with her college professor, who turned out to be a sensitive new age jerk. And she went there to save the manatees. Maggie saved Homer from drowning there. Krusty and his daughter went to the beach when they were first reunited. There was the wedding there. And Homer drove Moe's car into it... the list goes on. 

But of all the episodes, the show doesn't reveal that if you keep going down the beach, where it is more secluded, there is a "clothing optional" area. I don't think it's posed by any signs, but it's just accepted as the place one can go to soak up some sun sans swimming suit.

This is one of Marge's favorite places to visit.

Work Life / Home Life

In her work life, Steph is a 37 year-old secretary. In her home life, she's tied to a chair, in her tight black dress, black stockings, and no panties.

Her Eyes

Where to put it

She's on her bed with her favorite toy, and wants to show you where to put it.

How to Have Anal Sex

"The No. 1 rule for enjoyable anal sex is to always use plenty of lube."

Read about 6 tips from Ask Men.


Bath Time

Cute. Super cute.

Rekindle the Romance

If you want to rekindle the romance, here's how:

1) Book a motel room. It doesn't matter where. Downtown, by the highway exit. Doesn't matter.
2) Pack items in this image.

Word of the Day: Saddlebacking


The phenomenon of Christian teens engaging in anal sex in order to preserve their virginities.


Yum, yum, yummy.

Marge Monday: Cabin Fever

Happy Marge Monday. For those new to this blog, every Monday just for fun, we'll post a sexy image of America's favorite animated Milf, Marge Simpson.

These sassy images are from when Marge and Homer fled to Alaska. You can believe they had to find creative ways to stave off the cabin fever.

Cuffed and Ready

You've got to admire a woman who is blindfolded, handcuffed, and ready for you know what...

After work

After a stressful day at the office, she has a quick cure. She fetches her small, but powerful vibe from the nightstand, strips from the waist down, and lies back on her bed. Her body is already wet in anticipation, and her nerves jump with the first touch of the humming toy. Soon her stress is melting away.


Knowing that there are always cameras at ATMs, she wondered if the video ever really gets reviewed if there isn't a crime reported. Perhaps the video records over itself, she wondered. Or maybe a security guard actually had to review the footage. What a dull and numbing job, she thought. She decided that if someone had to watch the ATM video, she'd at least give them a little moment of fun.

3 Cuties

What better way to document the best trip ever than to snap a quick self-shot. Look up at the camera...


Sometimes you have fantasies of voyuerism. Sometimes you look and hope, but never get a glimpse. And then sometimes, when you least expect it...

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