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Marge Monday: Bailing out Homer

Homer is always getting himself into debt and trouble. He drinks at Moe's every day, sometimes twice a day, and racks up quite a bar tab. He's also gotten arrested so many times for DUI and other public misdemeanors that's he's regularly in and out of the Springfield jail. Sometimes the Simpson's just don't have the extra money to bail out Homer and Marge must use her other assets.

Once, Homer got in big trouble with Fat Tony, but Marge was able to change their mind.

She often turns to Artie, a self-made millionaire, who has had a raging crush on her since high school. And of course Moe, the tavern owner, who also carries a torch for Marge. 

Did you ever wonder why both men are so overwhelmingly smitten with her, even though she's married with three children? Most guys would move on, but Marge gives Artie and Moe something that keeps them coming back for more.  
Some might think she's doing it only for Homer, but secretly, she doesn't mind. She likes being the focus of men's sexual desires. She likes her body, and showing it off. And she really likes sex. 

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